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For thousands of years until today, what we know as fire smelting, the process by which metal turns to a liquid state, is the beginning of what we now call "handmade jewelry".

With the development of civilization, the ability to generate and control fire was born, leading to the smelting of metals to adorn oneself with objects made from precious metals.

Today, we continue to adorn ourselves in different ways for various occasions. Jewelry has witnessed the technical, social, economic, religious, and moral evolution of our entire world and environment.

Smelting is the ability to control fire in such a way that metal changes from its solid to liquid state. In this process, proper handling of the material is crucial to enhance its beauty.

The jeweler patiently heats, cools, cuts, laminates, and shapes wires and tubes to produce small pieces that come together like a tiny puzzle.

The jeweler with perfect hand maestry, uses small tools such as saws, hammers, and chisels, files, sandpaper, torches, steel drills, and diamond drills. In many cases, handmade jewelry is also called "assembled" jewelry, in honor of this meticulous process of joining perfect parts to assemble a perfect jewel.

Nature has gifted humanity beautiful stones, in countless shapes and colors, some of which have been cherished by humans from different times and cultures; these are what we call precious stones.

Humans, with their infinite capacity to create and transform, always interested in producing unique, authentic, and beautiful adornments, unite precious metals and stones through a process called "setting". There are different ways to set a stone. The characteristics of the chosen metal and the shapes and colors of the stones are the basis for the jeweler to decide what type of setting to use.

For this reason, and many other reasons, handmade jewelry is a slow and meticulous process, which depends on the jeweler's innate skill, technical knowledge, and passion for creating an impeccable and perfect jewel. In an inexplicable and magical way, each handmade jewel embraces the skill and personality of the jeweler, making it authentic and unique.

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