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Joyería Liévano

begins in 1903 with the construction of a Bogotan icon: the Indalecio Liévano Building, popularly known as the Liévano Palace. During the early decades of the 20th century, the Indalecio Liévano Building and the Almacén del Día (Day Store) were symbols of modernity and sophistication for Bogotá and Colombia. Their imported products from Europe were characterized by the latest styles, quality, and represented the good taste of Bogotan society. The Almacén del Día had the exclusive representation of brands such as "Henry Heath, Ltd." and "Pope & Bradley", both from London, and had the exclusive representation of "Ansinio" and "Remington" in watches and typewriters, both from New York.

118 years of

Luxury and Tradition

The jewelry store establishes itself as an icon of Fine Jewelry in Bogotá and opens its doors in exclusive locations throughout the city. Three generations later, Joyería Liévano continues to bring Colombians closer to luxury and the latest fashion trends. With an exquisite selection of 18-carat gold jewelry, certified diamonds, and precious stones chosen one by one by expert gemologists

Our Services

A piece of jewelry is a unique and special gift, and for this reason, we love working closely with our clients to design the jewelry of their dreams.

We recommend proper cleaning of the jewelry to avoid damage, scratches, or cracks in the stones. For watches, appropriate maintenance is also advised.

We have a team of designers and experts who will advise you on redesigning your jewelry, so you can enjoy them again in their full splendor.

Hacienda Santa Bárbara
Cra 7 # 115-60 local B103
Bogotá – Colombia
Teléfono: +57 601 6121707 / 6121717
WhatsApp: +57 312 3509559